Electronic speed control is based on a very simple principle; reading the speed of approaching vehicles takes place using a Doppler radar sensor that transfers data to a microprocessor system which handles the display of the speed.
Depending on the speed and software parameters set the bollard displays a message variable to the driver of the oncoming vehicle, dissuading them from exceeding the speed limits.
The power of the Panel is 12 Vdc and is powered with photovoltaic, or with 230 Vac mains voltage by means of a transformer.
The Led Display consists of 3 digits 28.50 cm character height. Amber high visibility for the display of the speed from over 150 ml.
Is it possible to integrate the led panel display with fixed wording “SLOWS DOWN/5 POINTS/ -10-points” that can be set in speed thresholds requests “Win traffic” Radar software.
Speed detection is done using microwave Radar (k-Band 24Ghz), long calibrated to depth (100-150) installed on the device display orientation.
Communication with the software “Win traffic Radar” is guaranteed through RS232 serial port.
Possibility to install a GSM Modem for dial-up networking useful to exhaust that parameterization of traffic data. In fact with the help of a special memory card with a capacity of 128 KB expandable up to 384 KB, the bollard can list the vehicles detected depending on the speed, date and time taken.

07 Segment

Number Digit


Digit dimensions (hxl) mm


Vehicle detection distance

100/150 mt

Maximum speed detected

199 Km/h

LED digit number


LED Type


LED color

Yellow 617 nm


3000 mcd

Visibility angle


Brightness adjustment

Automatic with PWM

Memory card (optional)

128 Kb expandable up to 384 KB

Flashing outputs

02 (without memory card))

Digital output


Power supply

12 Vdc / 230 Vac

IP rating


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