Monochrome panels CITY INFORMATION

The panels monochromatic City Information are be bright panels designed to be installed in urban areas, with the purpose of providing general information to citizenship as municipal initiatives, alerts tourist and addresses of public utility.
The panels City Information graphic type are composed of a matrix color graphics – yellow amber, which allows to display of graphics and pictograms bitmap. If used for the display of text, allows the use of different fonts with variable height. This allows to display the texts well longer than those obtained with an alphanumeric panel of the same size.
For the management of messages is used a dedicated software which allows viewing of messages pre – set or created in real time.
The management and control can be done from a central remote and makes use of the following options: Rete LanEthernet, GSM/GPRS, RS232, RS485.
The panels are fitted with the City Information Certificate of Constance’s Performance n. 0407-CPD-480and are approved according to the regulations of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.


Electronic LED pilot static, with PWM technology, controlled by RISC FLACH, which determines the total elimination of the flicker, increases the luminous efficiency of LEDs, extending their useful
Number of lines Variable, depending on the selected matrix via software, max 6
Number of characters/line Variable, depending on the selected matrix via software, max 24
Number of characters/page Variable, depending on the selected matrix via software, max 144
Maximum number of pictures 250
Character height Minimum variable, based on the selected matrix, the maximum full-screen
Character matrix Pixel 5×7, 7×7, 16×8
Maximum reading distance 170 m
Pixel format 1 LED
Pitch between pixels 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm
Features LED Technical characteristic of the junction AllnGaP first qualitative selection
LED color Amber yellow with a wavelength 592 nm
Viewing angle 120° horizontal 60° vertical
Luminous intensity 3000 mcd
Automatically adjusted brightness 16 levels (min-max) controlled by two probes of brightness, a front defined main probe, a rear probe defined secondary and correction.A special algorithm manages the data of the probes in the following way:• Use of the brightness value detected by the main sensor

• Using the value of the probe correction to add or remove a percentage of luminance in consideration of the detected light on the back of the sign with the aim to obtain optimum brightness even in strong contrast condition

Luminance L3
Contrast R2/R3
Angle B6/B7
Duration M.T.B.F. >1.000.000 hours
Power supply 230 Vac 50 Hz
Operating temperature From -5° to +55°C
IP Rating IP55
Ventilation The recycling of air (fresh and exhaust) is guaranteed by a series of axial fans thermo regulated, so as to limit their operation only when is necessary
Container material Structure made of aluminium profile with folded in order to obtain solidity, lightness and resistance to external environmental. Structure in painted steel pedestal firmly anchored to the panel.
Container color Painting with epoxy powder gray antiqued

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