OTL Traffic Controller

The OTL traffic controller is a controller designed to be competitive in the vast market of traffic junctions, ensuring high performance. It is based on a distributed intelligence architecture, consisting of a network of microprocessors, and comes with software that allows it to be a field device drives suitable for any type of application.
In fact, it can be a Centralized System device, but also as Stand Alone units, a careful monitoring of the system by which it can be handled.

This allows you to:

  • Generate local statistical archives and Log (traffic data, activations and anomalies);
  • Send request messages independently of intervention;
  • Remote access to commands, diagnostic information and memory resident records.

The standard equipment with RS232 and RS485 serial ports makes it liable to be easily interfaced to various types of communication networks and/or other equipment.
Thanks to the display on the alpha/numeric display from 80 lit characters it is possible to monitor the State of the controller and view the status of the inputs is easily programmed stages as you just answer the questions that appear on the display.
The keyboard is divided into two areas, one for the programming of the controller and another for direct commands like Flash, manual etc. These areas are protected by a password to prevent unwanted interventions occur accidentally.
The date-122 DB bridge represents the interface between the controller and the remote control station in centralized mode.

Three light groups


Power outputs


Auxiliary outputs








Programs listing


Operation modes

Implemented, synchronized, centralized, dynamic, traffic statistic, statistics on infringements, infrared


Using keyboard, PC, remote submission or smartphone

Data view


Burnt red control

Red, yellow and green burned; green matrix incompatible; Damage and/or serious abnormalities with System With Relay switch

Micro processor

Redundant a 32 bit


2 Mbyte

RAM Memory

8 Byte

Communication ports

RS232, Ethernet, RS485

Power supply

220V/50Hz +10% – 20%

Maximum power of each output

800 W

Maximum overall power

2200 W

Insulation Class

Operating temperature

-20°C +70°C

Normative references

EN 50556:2011; EN 12675:2000; EN50293

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