Sound Device for the Blind “AUDIOGUIDE”

The sound device for the blind “AUDIOGUIDE” model was designed to produce an audible signal
green light for the blind, which can be programmed for its operation with automatic activation at every pedestrian phase or request through the appropriate button for the blind.
The reservation of the pedestrian time call, placed on the traffic light pole, is equipped with two buttons:

  • Button to call normal pedestrian phase, which is placed on the front of the container mounted on traffic light pole;
  • Only one call button blind pedestrian phase, which in turn triggers the sound device, which is placed on the underside of the container, in order to reduce the likelihood of its activation by those not interested and therefore accessible for blind people, already instructed in its operation. In addition, the inquiry by the blind is confirmed by the emission of a sound of 2 Khz (other than the one with the green light) for as long as the button is pressed, but never more than 5 seconds.

If a pedestrian phase call request is made while the Green, which is paired with the device for the blind, is turned on, the latter stores the request to make it active at the next traffic light cycle to ensure the visually impaired the maximum green time.
The level of the sound signal emitted by the acoustic devices to indicate the different phases are traffic lights automatically adjusts relative to the background noise of the environment, in order to guarantee maximum perceptibility of the signal and at the same time, such devices are not a source of noise pollution.
Is the container of the device that the application button are waterproof with degree of protection IP55.
The emission of the sound signal green light for the blind and the request and confirm booking are fed solely through the supply voltage of the pedestrian lantern which are matched.
The sound device for the blind “AUDIO” model responds to the Italian standard CEI 214-7 and annexed 217-7 CEI Variant; V1.



Power supply 230V 50Hz+10% ,- 20%
Control gear type Two ‘S.P.M.S.’Three non interfering power inputs
Maximum absorption 4 VA
Operating temperature -20°C +50°C
Minimum Sound Pressure Level 30 dBA
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 100 dBA
Inputs An input for normally open type push button (blind call ‘button’)

A, optically isolated, a BJT:

VCE max=25 Vdc max applicable 25

IC max = 10 tax but

Max power 100 mW to 25


  • VERSIONE NPA, optical isolated, a FET:Vce max: 25VdcIc max: 1mARon max: 200 W (for I £ 0.8mA)

    Roff min: 300 M W

    Max power 250 Mw to 25


  • A piezo buzzer output (buzzer reservation)
Acoustic system Piezo buzzer (buzzer on) with built-in Horn
Auxiliary connector An auxiliary connector for additional devices


Green light Number of sound impulses per minute 60
Sound frequency 800 Hz
Duty cycle 50%
yellow light Number of sound impulses per minute 120
Sound frequency 800 Hz
Duty cycle 50%
red light No Sound //
Yellow light blinking or lights off NNo Sound essun suono emesso //

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